Our company was established in 1995 on the basis of knowledge of people working in maritime industry with great trade experience. Nemo’s main clients are well known ship owners, shipyards either from Poland or from abroad. We sell, assemble and deliver purchased goods to the consumers all over the world according to our customers instructions.
   Our website presents a small part of product range that we offer so if have not found something, we invite you to send the inquiry via e-mail: nemo@nemosupply.com   or shop@nemosupply.com  to get quick and competitive quotation. We are still growing and developing to meet the needs of our clients. Please feel invited to cooperate with us !


Some products from our offer:

Valves & fittings:


Level switches for maritime industry:


Deck equipment:




Electrical equipment and lighting:


Cooling & Air Conditioning:


Office equipment:

  • printer paper, pens, pencils, toners, printers etc..


Fire & Safety:



  • power tools (grinders, drills, etc.)
  • pneumatic (rust hammers, grinders, drills etc.)
  • hand tools (spanners, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers etc.)
  • welders
  • special tools


Chemical materials:



  • rtv / agd
  • mattress, pillows, quilts etc..


Thermal insulation:

  • thermoinsulation mat, mineral wool etc.


Engine room equipment:

  • pumps, rotors, mechanical sealings, sealings, spare parts
  • Hydroster (ACE032, 038, ACG045, ABQ125, ABQ110 etc.)
  • Imo Pumps
  • Tofama (20PSR, 32PSR, 40PSR)
  • Iron (QV 4/300, 5/300, 6/300, 8/300, QVK 4/300 etc.)
  • Hamworth (C2G100, C2G125, C2G150, C2G200, CGA-65, DPV etc.)
  • Sabroe (BFO4, CMO026, 106S etc.)
  • Sperre (HL2-160 etc.)
  • Hydro- Vacum, Gzut, LFP, Allweiler, Azcue




Auxiliary engines - spare parts:

  • HCP- Sulzer (S20, AL20/30, AL25, ATL25, ASV 25/30)
  • MAN B&W (L16/24, L23/30, L28/32, L40/54, L48/60 etc.)


Main engines - spare parts:

  • HCP- Sulzer (RTA52, RTA58, RTA62, RND90 etc.)
  • MAN B&W (S50MC, S60MC, K80MC etc.)



  • Alfa-Laval (SA821, SA836, FOPX614, MFPX307 etc.)
  • Westfalia (OSC15, OSC5 etc.)

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Needle scaler Von Arx 23b 700312 Needle scaler Von Arx 23b 700312
Price: €442.12
Net price: €359.45
Needle scaler Von Arx 34b 700364 Needle scaler Von Arx 34b 700364
Price: €465.39
Net price: €378.36


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